Storage Tank Inspections

Tank inspections are the best form of preventative maintenance a tank owner can do to insure the containment of precious product is safe. No concerns of lost profits or potential pollution. Armor Shield can perform comprehensive inspections of your storage tanks with clear, understandable documentation of our findings. All of our technicians are available to answer questions on all aspects of your tanks.

Armor Shield U.S. provides an extensive training program to all of our technicians thus ensuring customers that our technicians are among the most competent in the industry. We specify minimum equipment standards for our technicians, thus maintaining maximum quality. Armor Shield interior and exterior coatings are thoroughly tested and inspected to insure proper cure and coverage. Inspection results are documented hard-copy for customer records.

Tank Inspections and Testing


Storage Tank Testing
Storage Tank Video Camera
Tank Coating Thickness Test
Storage Tank Holiday Test
Storage Tank Coating Hardness Test
Storage Tank Ultra Sound Test

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