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Armor Shield U.S. is a contracting company specializing in the tank inspection, tank repair, tank coating, and tank entry of both aboveground and underground storage tanks.  We have over forty years of experience and, for that reason, our technicians have an in-depth understanding of all aspects relating to tank entry and inspection.  Armor Shield has a proven record of quality work and a safety record which is unsurpassed in the tank coating industry.

Leaking storage tanks are a major problem throughout the world, costing tank owners both time and profits.  In some cases, resulting in costly pollution cleanup.  Tank lining and repair has been used successfully for over forty years in the United States as a method for upgrading existing storage tanks and preventing product releases.  Armor Shield technicians have entered, inspected and repaired over 500,000 fuel storage tanks.  Our practical knowledge, stemming from our experience inspecting tanks in every conceivable condition, combined with our research data enable us to better understand the problems encountered in storage tanks.

Armor Shield U.S. provides an extensive training program to all of our technicians thus ensuring customers that our technicians are among the most competent in the industry. 

Our work complies with the standards published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the American Petroleum Institute (API), National Leak Prevention Association (NLPA), and National Fire Protection Association.

Most importantly, Armor Shield U.S. works with our customers.  Your concerns are our concerns.  Our methods allow your facility to continue producing and selling products while we work.  Our process is fast and efficient.


Armor Shield U.S.

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